Stone Restoration Services

 Specialist Masonry Cleaning and Conservation Work on Historic Buildings & Monuments

Whatever your cleaning requirement we are here to help – if you are not sure or require further information then please do not hesitate to contact us either via the contact us page or pick up the phone 01666 841338. We have been working in the Wiltshire Area for the past 12 years and are based in Sherston Nr Malmesbury in Wiltshire very close to the Gloucestershire border at Westonbirt /Tetbury.

What we do:-

Working within the Conservation Arena we work to aesthetically improve the appearance of buildings and monuments. With particular attention being paid not to ‘overclean’ the building. We feel it is important to leave some of the patina so that it is still possible to feel the true age of the building.

We use the following methods to achieve these aims:

Specialist Masonry Cleaning using the DoFF Ultra High Temperature, low pressure cleaning system.

Removal of Sulphation (black deposits under window sills and sheltered areas) using whichever method that is best suited for the building and situation. – This could include-  low pressure abrasive cleaning either wet or dry (similar to the Joss Torc System) or applying a chemical poultice or utilising a nebulising spray system

Graffiti Removal – Using environmentally friendly chemicals and the DoFF cleaning system we can remove all forms of graffiti. We specialise in working on listed buildings and ancient monuments where care must be taken not to destroy the fabric of the building.

Removal of Organic Growth – Mosses/Lichens – Even relatively new buildings can be much improved by removing the dirt that gathers over time. See the photos of the 1970’sBradstoneBuilding in the Photos section.

Any and all aspects of conservation and restoration work of listed buildings and ancient monuments especially when having to work with traditional materials such as hydraulic lime rather than cement.

Repairing or replacing damaged stonework and brickwork

Paint Removal – For years now people have tried to protect buildings from the elements by applying modern ‘plastic’ paints to act as a barrier and keep the water out. Whereas in a number of cases what actually happens is this paint actually holds moisture in the stone and brickwork causing a number of issues/problems with damp. By removing this paint and reapplying natural lime based products you allow the building to breath again which (in a large number of circumstances) will drastically improve the damp issue.

Other Services Include:

Wet or Dry Sandblasting for:

Removal of Paint from Timber Beams – Strip wooden beams either prior to treating for woodworm or just to leave a natural finish. Original timber beams and panelling that have had years of accumulated paint or stain applied, can be cleaned back to reveal the wood in its natural state. Renovations to older properties can be greatly enhanced by cleaning the existing timbers and allowing the natural colour of the wood to be restored.

Cleaning new oak structures or extensions; these can be blasted to remove staining and grime especially to remove the saw marks made when the wood is cut or to slightly raise the grain to help in the ageing process of the wood. We ensure that the correct material for the job is used – no ferrous material will be used on woodwork due to the staining effect which will result.

Removal of paint and limewash from most surfaces either in preparation for further works e.g. before wall can be rendered  or to leave a natural finish on either stonework or brickwork.

Project Management – all aspects of running building projects – especially in the conservation arena. This includes organising workflow and liaising with everyone concerned from client to architect to suppliers and sub contractors.

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