Stone Floor / Flagstone Cleaning

Stone Floor / Flagstone  Cleaning

The following Flagstones were cleaned using a DoFF Superheated Water Cleaning System. This removed all the dirt & algae bringing the flooring up as good as new.

Path / Patio & Driveway Cleaning
In the case of the path down the side of the house – the path was in the shade all day and the owner didnt want to use any chemicals to keep the slippy algae at bay due the proximity of a pond that had a thriving colony of Newts – The lady had had the path cleaned with a cold water pressure washer befor but the algae had come back within 9 month. Using the DoFF superheated water system kept the algae at bay for nearly 2 years!

Pub Floor Cleaning
The busy country pub (Rattlebone Inn in Sherston) floor gets a huge amount of traffic over it and after a while it just gets dirty. Emptying the bar out and cleaning the floor gives the pub a new lease of life and freshens the place up.

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Examples of Stone Flooring & Flagstones Being Cleaned

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