Stone Cleaning Examples – Page 2

Another example of a project we carried out this year in the heart of the picturesque town of Tetbury. Initially our brief was just to clean the stonework – but once cleaned we discovered a mish mash of pointing that had been carried out over the years. The client then asked us to rake out and repoint the front of the house using a traditional lime putty mix.

To clean the stonework we initially used the SuperHeated water System to remove the general dirt and organic matter – this then highlighted the fact that the window reveals were covered in a black sulphation. To remove this we applied a poultice which softened the sulphation in order that we could remove it with water system. Please note that although tis client wanted a clean house they didnt want us to make it look ‘too new’. We therefore left a certain amount of patina around the windows and doorway :-

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