Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal & Graffiti Protection Service

Using environmentally friendly chemicals and the DoFF cleaning system we can remove all forms of graffiti. We specialise in working on listed buildings and ancient monuments where care must be taken not to destroy the fabric of the building.

Once it starts its very difficult to stop a Graffiti artits from leaving their ‘Tag’ on your

Pigeon Graffiti CloseUp

Pigeon Graffiti CloseUp

property. One thing you can do is make it difficult for them – if they ‘Tag’ your property then cover it with paint as soon as you can – Hopefully they will soon get bored as they want to be able to see their work and show it off to their friends!

Removing Graffiti is an art not a science as care must be taken not to damage the substrate of the structure. If its a concrete motorway bridge or tunnel its not as important as if it is listed building but care must be taken anyway.
One of the things to be aware of is ‘Shadowing‘ – this is where the paint leaves a shodow even after it has been removed. With a little care and attention this can be removed to ensure that the walls are left as they were meant to be.

Graffiti Protection Service

We can if requested apply a sacrificial coating to areas that are at risk or being targeted on a regular basis. This wont stop the ‘Tags’ but it does mean that it is much easier to remove once a decision has been made.

Client List

We have removed graffiti for a number of clients  and since we specialise in removing the tags from listed buildings we have worked for
English Heritage – in Gloucester
Bristol City Council – on the Bristol Museum when it was holding the ‘Banksy Exhibition’
Chippenham Town Council
Private Development Companies
Large Organisations such as Charles Church Homes
Specialist Conservation Companies such as Nimbus Conservation

Examples Of Graffiti Removed

 Malmesbury Wall Tagged Just after it was built:-